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D & C Distributors 

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As a subsidiary of Acology Inc (OTCQB listed as ACOL)., we publish our company updates and our transparency on otcmarkets.com

We have gone to the ends of the earth to bring innovative solutions for safe medicinal storage and dispensing.


Our company is founded on the basis of Acology, which translated from ancient Greek, means "the science of remedies". The Medtainer is the first and only polypropylene air-tight, water-tight, smell-proof delivery and storage container with a built-in grinder. The Medtainer is manufactured in the USA from medical-grade No. 5 polypropylene resin, which is non-porous and non-leaching.The Medtainer gives our consumers the availability to easily store, carry and bring herbs and herbal remedies, teas, and other solids or liquids without cross-contamination or leakage.  Although The Medtainer is our signature product, D & C Distributors also sells, distributes and provides services to a wide variety of other products in the market place.   

D & C Distributors

D & C Distributors are the exclusive distributor of the ONLY patented air tight, water tight, smell proof container with a built in grinder. Our signature product,The Medtainer provides safe and secure storage for all recreational and home uses.